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Whole Sale Flowers (Week of May 27th, 2019)

Orders are due Monday, May 27th at 8am. Minimum order $100, delivery fee $25.

  • Wholesale requests are fulfilled in the order they are received. You will receive an order confirmation by noon on Monday.

  • NYC/BKYLN delivery on Thursday.

  • Bunches include 10 stems unless otherwise indicated, and stem lengths are shown as follows: S = Short <14", M = Medium 14-17", T = Tall > 17", T+ = 24"+

Click through photos of this week’s harvest!

Note: variety names may not appear on photos when using smaller mobile devices (try landscape mode or a larger device if you don’t see them).

Place your order below:

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Please provide a delivery contact phone number, address and special instructions (e.g. buzzer, call first, etc.) Also let us know if there is a particular time window for drop off on Thursday. (Feel free to skip this question if you have recurring deliveries and there are no changes).
Length: M
Length: M
Length: M/T. Bud stage, some flowers open
Length: M/T
Length: S
Length: S/M. Small, upright yellow flowers.
Lenth: T+. Can work for large arrangements! (As tall as 3 feet.)
Length: M. Small blue flowers on "airy" green foliage.
Length: M
Length: T. Double, small yellow & white.
Length: M/T. Double, White and Peach.
Length: M/T. Double, Yellow.
Length: M/T. Mix of Bold Pinks, White, Yellows, Oranges.
Length: T
Length: T
Length: T
Length: T.
Length: T
Length: T
Length: T (20"+). Mini sunflowers, pastel Lemon petals w/dark center.
Length: T+. Single French Tulip, Apricot w/ Dark Center.
Length: T. Parrot Tulip, Apricot surrounded by Creamy petals streaked with Green.
Length: T. Double, Maroon.
Length: T. Double, Multiple Blooms per stem. Begins as cream with pink edges and matures to a White flower with Red/Burgundy.
Length: M/T. Double, Cherry Red and Green.
Length: T.
Length: T+. Single French Tulip; Soft Salmon, Coral Pink.
Length T+. Single French Tulip. Watermelon Pink.
Length: T. French Single Tulip; Very Light, Soft Pink & Green with Dark Centers as Opens.
Length: M/T. Double, Peony, Frilled Edges; Tangerine, Yellow, Green.
Length: T. Single; Ivory White w/Green throughout.
Length: M. Parrot Tulip, White and Green.