Member Quotes

"These people believe in what they do, and believe in the community they do it for. The food and the people are both spectacular."

"Rock Steady Farm has the best CSA we've ever participated in. No question."

"I love the challenge of thinking of new ways to use the vegetables."

"Going to Rocksteady to pick up one's share on an early Saturday morning is a very special experience. The site is just beautiful, people greet you with warm smiles -- in fact, everyone there, young and old, seems to be having a terrific time; and what you take home fills your week with wonderful meal."

"The quality, beauty, and variety of the produce are outstanding and some of the reasons we members love the CSA. The friendly and flexible staff make pick up a pleasure. The opportunity for some choice among the vegetables available enables members to focus on getting what they like to eat. And u-pick of herbs and vegetables is good for the soul! Belonging to the CSA will change how you eat for the better."

"As a work share member I was amazed at the amount of work that goes into growing food for such a large group of members. It didnā€™t matter what the weather was, or what job needed to be done everyone was always laughing and enjoying the work. It is inspiring working with people who are so passionate about what they do . Thank you all!"

"We have been members of four different CSAs over the last 25 years. Rock Steady is the best one yet - well organized, friendly, professional, and the tastiest veggies around! Winter is very long without our friends from Rock Steady!"