The Watershed Center is an amazing place! It is a retreat and resource center for social movements. It offers seminars, workshops, consulting and organizational retreats designed to help people align their lives with their own deepest sense of purpose, to strengthen the creative capacity of organizations and to facilitate strategic conversations in service of democracy, ecology and liberation.  

Rock Steady Farm & Flowers sits on the 15 gorgeous acres right next to The Watershed Center. They are one of our favorite customers and biggest fans, buying food and flowers throughout the growing season. Their kitchen feeds upwards of 50 people a week, most often in the summer months. In addition to harvesting for these inspiring people who come from social and environmental justice organizations from across the globe, we also get to share the table with them! These shared meals connect farmers and activists, bridging the all-too-common divide between eaters and growers.

Both the farm and the center strive to cultivate a greater sense of understanding about our food and food systems. This understanding is strengthened when retreat attendees join our farm crew in the everyday work on the farm. We lead volunteer sessions, tours and workshops to groups that are interested. This partnership is ever evolving and growing. We look forward to what 2017 has in store for us!

Please contact them directly if you would like to schedule a retreat: