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Why choose us?

We’re proud to grow stunning flowers, in a way that supports our planet, our community and our region. Sadly, the flower industry as a whole is very problematic in all these areas.



You can’t find more vibrant, gorgeous blooms than those that are freshly harvested in your region. They’re delivered in water, soon after being cut from our fields - you can see and feel their vitality, and they last longer, too.

Conventional flowers travel thousands of miles, in boxes without water. They were bred to be able to withstand the trip, which rules out the delicate and diverse varieties we can grow right here.


Environmental Responsibility

We are deeply committed to ecological stewardship, nurturing our soil and our pollinator friends through sustainable growing practices.

While conventional flower production depletes the earth with pesticides and thousands of miles of transport (using fuel, plastic and refrigeration) — your Rock Steady blooms are grown with zero nasty chemicals, very little plastic or packaging, and never travel very far to get to you.


Social Justice

We’re proud to be a women- and queer-owned cooperative farm, rooted in social justice. When you buy our flowers, you support our mission to increase equity in the food system - for farmers, for workers, for women, for the LGBTQ community, for people of color and youth.

In contrast, the global flower industry has a reputation for poor working conditions including low pay, overcrowded housing and repression of trade unions.


Regional Economics

By supporting a local farmer, you are putting your dollars towards strengthening our regional economy and developing the Hudson Valley into a premier flower-growing region.

In contrast, 80% of cut flowers sold in US are imported from overseas. That’s a multi-billion dollar industry, which could be close to home.


Our varieties

We grow more than 100 varieties of flowers throughout the season! We can never predict exactly what we’ll have on a particular date (nature likes to keep us on our toes). That said, you can see lots of photos on insta and get a loose sense of what grows when, below.

Early season (Late April - MAY):

Tulips, Narcissus, Ranunculus, Stock, Columbine, Poppies

Mid-SEASON (June - July)

Sweet Peas, Lilies, Peonies, Phlox, Foxglove, Lisianthus, Straw Flower


Dahlias, Zinnias, Rudbeckias, Celosia

Fall (Late Sept - Early Nov)

Lisianthus, Dried Flowers, Dahlias

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